Channel Zero / Kill All Kings

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01 Dark Passenger  02 Electronic Cocaine  03 Burn the nation  04 Digital warfare  05 Ego   06 Crimson Collider  07 Kill all Kings  08 Brothers keeper  09 Army of bugs  10 Mind over mechanics  11 Duisternis  12 Heart stop

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Channel Zero is a band with a past. Even saying that would be an understatement. It all started with a steady climb to international success and then pushing the final pause button as a band. Consequently creating the biggest resurrection in Belgian music history and finally overcoming a great personal and musical tragedy.

But the Music prevails. So with great pride we present you the new album “KILL ALL KINGS”, due April 4th.. Recordings for this album started early 2013, but were interrupted by the unexpected loss of their friend, drummer and comrade in music, Phil. “Kill All Kings” is in some way a tribute to Phil and a living proof that music can overcome all. With Roy Mayorga (StoneSour, Soulfly) on drums in the studio and once again Logan Mader as co-producer with the band, Channel Zero might well have delivered us their best album ever. “KILL ALL KINGS” is a thundering musical pinball game between Teutonic thrash, snarling groove metal, elusive melodies and that typical and completely unique sharp Channel Zero edge we have come to love more than anything else.