Channel Zero / Unplugged

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1/ Black Fuel  2/ The Hill  3/ Suck My Energy  4/ No More  5/ Help  6/ Ego  7/ Self Control  8/ As a boy  9/ Brother’s keeper  10/ Call on me  11/ Lonely  12/ Sidelines  13/ Angel

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If ever there was 1 Belgian band who has had the full rock’n roll experience, it is CHANNEL ZERO.

The Highs with the successes in Belgium and internationally in the 90s and the glorious comeback in 2010, kicking in a new fresh start for the band. The Lows with the unexpected band breakup at the end of last century and of course the demise of their brother in arms Phil.

People sometimes tend to forget the number of Channel Zero songs that have become Belgian heritage: Help of course, but also festival anthems such as Suck My Energy, Black Fuel, Call On Me and many more.

2015 the band is breaking new ground for any Belgian rock band; transforming their high speed, full on adrenaline songs into unplugged songs, accompanied with a theatre tour in the Benelux. With the help of Michel Bisceglia (well-known jazz musician and producer) as arranger and co-producer with the band and mixer Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Otep, …) UNPLUGGED offers 13 songs we all come to love over the years, but fresh, surprising and challenging.